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Dexter Cattle
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The Cascade Dexter Herd Favorites
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Cascade's Shade (Pedigree) A++
Behavior   She's 14 years old and
going strong on our farm.  She
has had a perfect health record,
with zero assistance of any sort
and excellent calves.  She is a key
foundation Dexter in our herd.
Cascade's Bracken (Pedigree) 42"
at age 3  Very good behavior
throws compact and thick
offspring. He's A2/A2.  He lives
in Montana now
Cascade's Goldrush (Pedigree)
43.5 inches at age 3 - Perfect
Dexter with A+++ behavior   
Red, Homozygous Polled (two
polled genes), A2/A2.... He's
thrown many excellent calves. He
lives in Texas now.  
Belle Fourche Frasier (Pedigree)  
16 years old and still breeding
strong.  World's first known Red
Homozygous Polled A2/A2 Dexter
bull.  He came to our farm as a
calf and was our first herd sire.   
He now lives in Idaho where he
breeds his cows each year.
Hillview Heather (Pedigree)
Perfect mother, nice udder,
perfect behavior, 16 years old and
acts like a 6 year old cow, has had
an excellent calf each and every
year since she came to our farm
as a calf.  She's expecting her 15th
calf this spring (2020).   Her
mother, HV Saltaire Susie was still
producing yearly at age 19.
Cascade's India (Pedigree) 39 inches
tall at 4 years - Homozygous Polled
A2/A2, super friendly, thick build
linebred back to our two best old
cows, Heather and Shade. Mother of
our latest herdsire (Cascade's
Cascade's Ambassador (Pedigree)
born 2016, is our current key herd
sire at near 3 years of age, near
40" tall. Homozygous-polled,
A2/A2, tested for superior beef
tenderness genetics, superior
ribeye size genetics, excellent
marbling genetics, excellent
stayability, and very friendly.  He's
E+e red, with a black nose.  He is
a true-short... free of
chondrodysplasia and free of pha.
Cascade's Rosalia (Pedigree)
Excellent thick, compact and
A++++ behavior.  She's a great
friend and completely trouble
free.  Really great genetics and
throws excellent calves.