Dexter Cattle are perfect for the small family
farm.  Cascade Meadows Farm chose Dexters
because of their small size (easier on pastures and
fences), their multiple purpose production
(excellent milk and beef from one breed), their
hardiness (long-lived, easy calving, good mothers),
and Very gentle dispositions.  Our foundation
Dexter Cattle were specifically selected for
these characteristics from outstanding herds
with prominent bloodlines and After more than a
decade of breeding, the Cascade Line of Dexters
is well known for Excellent, Friendly, Easy to
Manage Purebred Registered Dexters.

Our Dexters are short and beefy,  but do NOT
carry a semi-lethal form of dwarfism called
chondrodysplasia (sometimes referred to as
bulldog genetic disease, or "short-leggedness").  
They are primarily  red and polled, with a few
black animals that carry red.

Our Dexters are tested FREE from all known
genetic diseases.

Cascade Meadows Farm is committed to producing
top quality, polled Dexter Cattle with excellent
conformation in size, hardiness and temperament,

Come visit our herd.... their Friendliness and good
Conformation will impress you.  
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