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Dexter Cattle
Cascade Meadows Farm
Dexter Cattle are compact, friendly, hardy, dual-purpose cattle that originated in
Ireland in the 1800's.   They are perfect for first-time cattle owners and perfect for
small farms.   Most Dexters are belt-buckle high.   Their beef is award-winning,
tender and flavorful and can easily be home-butchered for do-it-yourself
homesteaders and gourmet food enthusiasts.   Many Dexters have plentiful rich milk
to share with you, but don't need to be milked if you choose not to milk.   Dexters
have fun personalities. Well-selected Dexters are tested free of known genetic
diseases.  Dexters are long-lived and trouble-free. The Cascade Dexter Herd in
Oregon and near Washington, has America's premium Dexter genetics, selected for
hardiness, productivity, friendliness, ease of raising, and all are tested free of all
known genetic diseases, including Chondrodysplasia Dwarfism and PHA .
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