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Dexter Cattle
Cascade Meadows Farm
    Dexter Cattle Frequently Asked Questions        

1. How big do Dexter Cattle get?   
    Average Adult Dexter Cattle are about belt-buckle high to a typical adult man.
    Some  lines are smaller with bulls at 38-42" tall at the hip and weighing around
    900-1000 pounds, and some are larger with bulls at 46-50" at the hip and
    weighing around 1200-1300 pounds.  Our Dexters are small to medium sized.  

2. What color are Dexter cattle?  
    Dexter Cattle come in black or red (the original colors of the breed) or dun (a
    brownish color added to breed standards relatively recently).  

3. What do Dexter Cattle eat?
    They like to graze grass and clover.  In winter, they will eat hay plus a little
    supplemental grain-based feed or protein tub supplement if the hay is very
    poor. Only feed a little grain if they are getting skinny.

4. What sort of shelter do Dexter Cattle need?
    They can make do with no shelter, but need shade from the hot summer sun,
    and a wind break of trees in winter is nice.  Also, they need a place to bed
    down in winter, that has decent drainage and isn't terribly muddy.

5. Do they need shots or de-wormer or any sort of vet work?
    Our Dexter Cattle are selected to be naturally resistant to parasites and
    diseases.  We only vaccinate or use de-wormers when absolutely necessary or
    required by law.  We vaccinate animals for buyers, if they wish.

6. Is it easy to keep a bull to impregnate your cows?
    Well selected Dexter bulls are friendly and very easy to keep and they will
    easily impregnate your cows each year to keep you in beef (and milk if you

7. Do you need to do anything special with mothers when they are pregnant or
getting ready to have calves?
    Dexter Cattle are famous for being hardy and requiring no special care.  Mother
    Dexters are famous for giving birth unassisted, but it can be wise to keep an
    eye out.   Once in a blue moon, a mother may need assistance in giving birth.

8. Do the calves need any special care?
    No, the mothers do all the work.  Just make certain the mother is fed well (not
    too fat, not too skinny), and make certain the mother has access to clean water
    and minerals at all times.    It's a good idea to tag calves with cattle tags in the
    left ear at birth, for identification purposes.  

9.  When does Cascade's Meadows Farm have Dexter Cattle  available for sale?
    We have a sizeable herd and almost always have some Dexter Cattle available
    for sale
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