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Dexter Cattle
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In livestock, “Lines” are created when breeders utilize linebreeding to create a
line/herd of animals that are interrelated and have special features that are
consistently better than the typical animals found in a breed.  A “line” is a breed
within a breed.   This only works if the breeder has a very specific documented list of
features that they are selecting towards, generation after generation.

The Cascade Line of Dexters started with the best available Dexter genetics and has
spent 15 years blending and refining those genetics to create one of the few true
unique lines in the Dexter breed.  

The Cascade Line of Dexters is famous for these features:

  • Super friendly bulls and cows
  • Naturally Compact
  • Naturally hornless (polled)
  • Free of all known genetic diseases including chondrodysplasia and PHA
  • Beefy builds
  • Nice udders and teats
  • A2 milk genetics
  • Excellent Beef Tenderness Genetics
  • Excellent Beef marbling genetics
  • Super hardy
  • Natural parasite resistance.
  • Natural disease resistance
  • Long lived
  • Easy calving
  • Problem free
  • Red or Black as the original Irish Dexter breed standard required.

The Cascade Line was developed by starting in 2004 with excellent stock from some
of the best herds in America... Llanfair, Hillview, Thomas, Belle Fourche, SGF, and
others.  We blended those genetics together, extracting the best of the best to
develop our own line.  Over many generations, we selected toward super friendly
and naturally compact polled Dexters that meet the standards of our line.

The Cascade Dexter Herd typically consists of 50-70 Dexters.  We have been a closed
herd since 2005 which allows us to stay focused on the excellent traits we have
developed, and keeps out genetic problems and disease.
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