Cascade Meadows Farm, home of the Cascade  Dexter Herd in Oregon, has a good
selection of the  highest quality Dexters for sale.  All of our animals are
guaranteed free of all known genetic diseases -Chondrodysplasia free (no
shortlegged/Dwarf/"bulldog") and PHA free.  The Cascade Herd is  polled
(naturally hornless), primarily red (some black).    
Dexter Cattle
For Sale
Quality Polled Dexters  
For Sale in Oregon

  • Red and black polled cows and cow-calf pairs
    2017,  All have A2 milk genetics

  • Friendly red polled bulls (A2/A2 Milk Genetics) -
    We have several breeding age bulls available
    for sale - ready to breed now -  2017

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Prices of Dexters vary greatly due to age, pregnancy status, quality,
color, and horned vs. polled.  Reds are more expensive than Blacks
due to rarity.  Polled (naturally hornless animals) are more rare and
more expensive.  Bred cows are more expensive than unbred cows or
young heifers.   Dexters with strong pedigrees are more expensive.

Cascade Meadows Farm's very high quality Dexters'  prices typically
range from $1500 to $2900 - red polled Females carrying calves
being on the high end.  We offer discounts for more than one animal.

Please contact us for specific prices, as they vary based on season,
Pregnancy Status,  etc..    
Available now - September
2017   Starter herds, heifers,
pregnant cows, bulls.....    

Friendly, compact