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White Holland Turkeys
           Why White Holland Turkeys?
             (no other breed can do all of this)

1. Heirloom 1800’s heritage turkey breed (not factory hybrids like broad-
breasted- corporate GMO monstrosities).

2. Excellent, healthy, active free-range foragers (unlike broad-breasted
factory turkeys).

3. Naturally breed and raise their own babies/poults (unlike modern broad-
breasted types that can't breed naturally and require artificial insemination).

4. Large friendly toms are excellent meat birds with nice large carcases and
gourmet flavorful meat (much better than factory-hatched broad-breasted

6. Super healthy genetics, thrive with no medications.

7. Beautiful white feathers are easy to hand-pluck, for a very nice turkey
carcass with no dark pin feathers.

8. 100% locally farm-bred, locally hatched, natural, and sustainable from
heritage local heirloom turkeys, no antibiotics, no chemicals no medications.

9. Very cold hardy and heat tolerant.

10. Keep the best hens for laying (eat any extras) , and eat most of the
toms.  Hatch your own chicks (poults).  

Of course, to maintain all these terrific traits in heritage White Holland Turkeys, it
requires ongoing selection and culling.   Generation after generation, Cascade
Meadows Farm works very hard to select the very best genetics to maintain all these
valuable traits in our flock.