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Cascade Meadows Farm
White Holland Turkeys
Cascade Meadows Farm in Oregon is home to a rare breed of purebred heritage
self-breeding White Holland Turkeys.   The White Holland breed of Turkeys was one
of the most important natural turkey breeds in the 1700's,  1800's and early 1900's
before industrialists took over food production and started using secretive
genetically-modified industrial hybrids like the monstrous Broad-Breasted Whites
and Broad-Breasted Bronze ultra-hybrid turkeys, genetically modified in secret by
giant industrial corporations.  Those industrial breeds can't even reproduce without
artificial insemination.   

Purebred Heritage White Holland Turkeys are noted for their good meaty size,
strong healthy genetics, heat and cold resistance, intelligence, docile and friendly
temperaments, and their ability to produce outstanding turkey meat and large eggs
on pasture forage and household scraps.  Their beautiful white feathering makes
them easier and faster to pluck and leaves you with a beautiful clean carcass with no
dark pin-feathers as you will find in colored birds.    White Holland turkeys enjoyed
popularity in backyards and on small U.S. farms in the 1800's and first half of the
1900's  but nearly went extinct due to the move toward industrial hybrid breeds and
industrial confinement production.

White Holland Turkeys play a critical role on Cascade Meadows Farm in Oregon
because of their strong dual-purpose (eggs and meat) production, outstanding
natural health,  sustainable foraging abilities and ability to naturally reproduce
themselves. These characteristics make them ideally suited for a small family farm
like ours.  They complement our other livestock and round out our holistic
multi-species pasture management practices.

Cascade Meadows Farm with our extensive experience and large selection of
genetics continues to lead the effort to preserve this unique heritage breed of turkey
for use by future generations of small farmers, and we love helping other small
farmers get started with this breed by providing excellent stock and all the advice
you'll need. We will teach you everything you need to know to raise and breed these
heritage turkeys for yourself, and to harvest their eggs and meat yourself.