We chose to raise ancient Icelandic sheep at
Cascade Meadows Farm because of their medium
size, hardiness, and versatility. Icelandic sheep
are known for being easy to manage; they lamb
easily, are good mothers, and thrive on grass
alone. Our Icelandic Sheep produce naturally
colored, extremely versatile, dual-coated fleece
in combination with fast growing  lambs that
produce a light flavored gourmet meat.

Icelandic wool has a fine soft undercoat (called
thel) and a long coarser outer coat (tog).  The
wool of the Icelandic Sheep is wonderful to
hand spin. The thel is down like, very soft and
irregularly crimped.  The tog is similar to mohair,
wavy or corkscrew and is wonderful in
worsted spinning. Icelandic lambs  grow quickly
and reach the ideal slaughter weight of 80-100
pounds in 4-5 months. Icelandic lambs finish nicely
on good summer pasture alone.

Our Foundation Icelandic Sheep were selected
for outstanding fleece and meat production
from experienced flocks in Oregon, California
and Montana. We currently have Icelandic Sheep
in several shades of brown (moorit), black,
silver, white and tan.

Cascade Meadows Farm is dedicated to
producing top quality, multi-purpose, polled and
horned Icelandic Sheep with exceptional
conformation and in the full spectrum of colors
and patterns with a focus on developing both
superior fleece and meat characteristics.  
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