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Icelandic Sheep
Cascade Meadows Farm
Icelandic sheep have been the only breed of sheep in Iceland for the past 1000 years
and their hardy traits make them perfect for the Northwest.  Known for being easy to
manage; they lamb easily, are good mothers, and thrive on grass alone. Our
Icelandic Sheep produce naturally colored, extremely versatile, dual-coated fleece in
combination with fast growing  lambs that produce a light flavored gourmet meat.  
They don't need shelter except for trees for shade from summer sun.  We have one
of the Oregon's longest running herd of Icelandic sheep and our herd is well adapted
to the area.   We love helping others get started and love sharing our expertise.

Our herd has been living a natural life in the Cascade foothills since 2004 and we
have selected for superior animals with superior strong and healthy genetics that
require no vet work.
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