Cascade Meadows Farm in Oregon is proud to be  the
first Western US  farm to breed the  American Guinea Hog
and to save them from near extinction.  The American
Guinea Hog is a unique North American heritage breed.  
They are noted for their small size, intelligence, docile
and friendly temperaments, and their ability to produce
outstanding meat and flavorful lard on pasture and
forage.  American Guinea Hogs enjoyed popularity on
small U.S. farms in the Nineteenth Century, but  nearly
went extinct due to the move toward industrial sized
breeds and confinement pork production.

We raise the American Guinea Hog at Cascade Meadows
Farm because of their manageable size, gentle natures
and sustainable foraging abilities. These characteristics
make them ideally suited for a small family farm like ours.  
These hogs fill a functional niche on our farm, producing
outstanding natural pork on forage and also farm and
kitchen scraps  that would otherwise go to waste. They
complement our other livestock and round out our
holistic multi-species pasture management practices.  

The American Guinea Hog is a rare heritage breed that we
are proud to have played an instrumental role in saving  
from extinction.  Cascade Meadows Farm continues to
lead the effort to  preserve this unique American hog for
use by future generations of small farmers, and we love
helping other farmers get started with this breed by
providing breeding pairs of hogs and all the advice you'll
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