About Us
Cascade Meadows Farm is our home and family
owned and operated farm located near Portland,
Oregon.  We come from farming families and we
established our current farm over a decade ago,
and consider ourselves fortunate to have located
an ideal homestead in the fertile foothills of
Oregon's Cascade Mountains. We have a
wonderful, small, turn-of-the-century, terracotta  
block dairy barn (complete with original
hand-crafted wooden stanchions and mangers),
twenty five acres of meadows and pastures, and
fifteen acres of natural Northwest Douglas Fir,
Alder, and of course Blackberries. A small creek
and two beautiful ponds provide all the water we
need to keep everything green and healthy.

Our farm goals are to produce the highest quality,
healthy meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables in a
natural, humane and sustainable manner for
ourselves, our family, our friends, and our
customers;  to provide a healthy, stimulating and
interesting life for ourselves and to protect and
improve the land on which we depend.  

We have worked hard to select livestock and
plant stock that will help us achieve our goals.  
all of our livestock are heritage breeds with long
histories of being ideally suited for a small family
farm like ours.  Our cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry
are all efficient producers and  work together  to
increase the fertility of the land.  Our plant stock
has been specifically chosen for traits that allow
them to thrive in the rainy climate and short
summers of the Pacific Northwest.

We have tried to make our 40 acre farm on the
urban edge as self-sustaining as possible by utilizing
both modern ideas and proven techniques. We enjoy
hearing from people with similar interests in
self-sufficiency,  and strive to provide something
for everyone here at Cascade Meadows Farm.